There are two types of thinkers, free thinkers and fear thinkers. Free thinkers live in a state of peace and contentment because they know fear and stress are one of the greatest causes of disease, mental instability, poverty, suicide and hopelessness.

Fear thinkers.. well.. they react.. to everything, to everyone.

If you choose not to see, or refuse to see, the incredible magic that your life, and this world still offers to you – even in times of chaos – you’re a fear thinker.

I urge you, triple dog beg you, to turn it all off (social media, news, other fear thinking chatty-head opinions) and get back to your health because that’s where true wealth lives, in you.

Your mental health is the highest priority right now, even more than your physical health. You know why? Because your mind will do what your mouth says.

Your mouth is not just a voice, it’s a massive wavy-lined echo that swims deep to the darkest parts of your hidden soul (yes, like sperm) and will affect how your genes (aka, DNA) express themselves.

Do you know how I was able to birth my 13+ pound baby at home, unassisted, by choice? It was because of one thing and one thing only: I CHOSE WHAT I THOUGHT AND TALKED ABOUT. Therefore, I created a new environment for my life to live in, a healthy one that in turn co-created the miraculous.

Did you know that you have that same power?

Your genes aren’t just some written in stone clump of cells, or nucleotides, they will literally shift based on the environment in which they live.. because proteins. So if the cells in your body (where your DNA lives) are forced, by you, to live in a state of fear, stress, lack, negativity, hate, drama, jealousy, etc., that’s exactly the kind of environment they will express and continue to emulate.

Not only does this affect you, it affects your future and your children because their genetic expressions will be formed and molded by yours. That’s where generational curses come from.

So if you want a future, for yourself and your kids, that is one of more freedom and genuine, soul-licking happiness, I highly suggest, you rise up out of your state of fear and start taking control of the thoughts and words you are presenting to your Powerhouse (aka, you), because what you present to your Powerhouse is exactly what your Powerhouse will present to you, and that endless circle will live on in your generations if you don’t change your game.