Is there something you want to say, or a question you’d like to ask? Yes? Well, pretty please do.

I know my story and writings can be overwhelming and may cause unpleasant emotions to rise up in your soul. I get it. Because, you and me, we’re alike.

Reality hasn’t been all cherry-pops and peachy cream for you either, has it? It’s been hard and often so overwhelming to the point where you feel you’d be better off dead or, at the very least, find yourself in a continual state of sluggish being where you simply can’t find the magic door – the door that will take you back to the happy life.

Or perhaps, you’re where I am now – in a state of sublime peace and trust (finally!). That’s okay, too. You’ve landed on this page for a reason, whether out of commonality, connection or curiosity.

Either way, you’re not alone.

So say hello, talk to me. I’m an open book with an open heart that resides in a *supremely* wide open space of love. Tell me where you’re at, tell me what has brought you to your knees in pain, tell me what is suffocating the precious life out of you, tell me what you need.

Or, alternatively, tell me how you overcame and how you found your healing and freedom. My wisdom is limited to my experiences alone, so I freely welcome the lessons you’ve learned and wisdom gained.

Now, get to writing. I’ll be waiting…

Much love, my friends ♥

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