Can we please stop talking about how "dangerous" 'rona is and start talking about how miraculous your God, and you, are?

Did you know that God made your body to heal and recreate itself, without medication or help from an outsider? Did you know He also gave you full control over your thoughts and actions, too? You don't have to entertain any thought - or fear - if you don't want to.

My family doesn't, because we choose not to. We also don't entertain measures of psychological control through mandates, coercion, shame or eye rolls. I've been down that road and I refuse to fall back in line with those who demand that we willingly give up our personal autonomy and individuality.

Besides, it's my body, my choice, right? Or does that somehow render itself inconsequential in my life because I choose not to walk within the life-snuffing boundaries of "toxic feminism" - the one that encourages (keyword-->) falsely accusing men of sexual assault because "I am woman, hear me roar", or the one that says murdering the 10-day old heartbeat that has been birthed in the warm comforts of my womb is okay?

The problem here is that I almost did that - I almost murdered my guardian angel. Ethan wasn't supposed to happen. He wasn't supposed to disrupt the comforts of my living hell. How dare he! I was suicidal, on welfare and had just bowed in devastating defeat to "toxic masculinity" at the hands of a man who regarded himself far more superior than a woman, or his children.

So trust me, I get it. I get the fear, I get the doubts, I also get the reality of what's going on in our world. On the flip side, I also get the power of faith and personal responsibility. You can't just leave everything up to faith, however. You must move, you must take action, and you must start living, and teaching, the importance of self-awareness and accountability.

Even the Bible says that faith without works is dead. But... if you ask, you will find; and if you knock, the door will be opened for you.

It's time to rise up out of your fear and start taking control over the thoughts and behaviors that are relegating you to a steamy pile of control-based mush that does what "they" say, or what "he" or "she" says. God gave you that power, and He gave it to you in infinite measures.

My heart is breaking for our world, for our humanity, for our connection. We are vital to each other. Healing, individually and collectively, can't happen until we start hugging, holding and comforting each other again. Viruses - yes, even 'rona - will be around until the world dies a fiery death; your family and friends will not.

Do you want to know why I was suicidal for almost 3 years? Because there was no one around to touch my mutilated, battle-worn spirit, or help dry my relentless tears. The only people I could trust - my family - were 8 hours away. I was somehow still surviving in Nashville, alone, fighting for my boys. I did everything I could to steal their glance, to peep their shadowed forms as they ran to their dad's truck after church or played with their friends on the playground at school. I even volunteered as a "lunch lady" at their school so I could see their faces every day. (They still talk about how cool that was, haha!) Just one glimpse, that's all I needed - at least that's what I told myself.

But it was a lie. I needed more. I didn't need a phone call, or a text, or facetime or a zoom meeting. I needed humanity. I needed connection. I needed touch. I needed an open, unconditional heart that would help soothe my brokenness. But I didn't have it. No one understood my hell so it was easier for them to just not be a part of it. I don't blame them; I now understand that, too.

Then Ethan came, and so did my healing. That fresh, 10-day old heartbeat that had been unexpectedly planted within the warm comforts of my womb - the baby I wanted to murder - turned into a 13.2 pound newborn toddler born in the warm womb of my low-income apartment. And it was his life, his touch, his connection and his humanity that restored mine.

There is a pure gentleness in humanity that will overpower the darkness of this world, and it's time we find it so we can sprinkle our world with joy and return it to peace. It's also time we put on our faith-based goggles, literally and figuratively, so we will stop seeing enemies in the people who surround us - friends, foes or neither - and start seeing the allies that God has breathed specifically into our local communities so we can nurture and cultivate the garden of life and abundance together. As one.